A new edition of the Semibreve Award will take place in 2018 with the special support of Edigma, a leading Portuguese company in the development of interactive experiences, multi-touch technology and digital signage projects.

19 June 2018
19 June 2018


The Semibreve prize aims to reward and stimulate digital artistic creation, giving special attention to artistic projects that use interactivity, sound and image. Individual professionals, groups, companies and public entities may participate in the competition. A prize money of 2500 euros will be given to the winner.

This prize is the result of a partnership between the Semibreve Festival and the engageLab laboratory of the University of Minho.

"Permafrost" by Gil Delindro (en) and Adam Basanta (ca) was the winner of the EDIGMA Semibreve award in 2017.
Applications are due on 31 July. Apply here.