Index is an Art and Technology Biennale, part of the city of Braga's program as a UNESCO Creative City for Media Arts.
Through Index, we propose to explore artistic practices and critical thinking in which technology takes a central role.

The 2022 edition will take place between May 12th and 22nd and will explore the concept of Surface

Discover the full program at www.indexmediaarts.com.


From visual to haptic elements, boundaries or interfaces, emergence or extraction zones, Surfaces represent fundamental elements of human and natural ecosystems, as well as being powerful metaphors for technology-related art practices, raising questions that urgently need to be addressed.

Through a comprehensive program, with exhibition, performance, thought and education spin-offs, Index will present a particular perspective on Art and Technology in the Contemporary, placing Sufarce at the center.


Performance Program

In the performance program, highlights include the national premiere of the show Subassemblies, by Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa, one of the world's leading exponents of digital art; the show Spillover, commissioned by the biennale to American artists Pierce Warnecke and Matthew Biederman with the Ensemble Supernova, based on the problem of mineral extraction in the area of Montalegre; 

the premiere of space~aprox, a new audiovisual piece by João Martinho Moura; as well as the Portuguese premiere of the piece The Mirror by People Like Us, after presentations in venues such as the Barbican Centre or events such as the Venice Biennale.


Exhibition Program

The exhibition program, among other exhibitions and installations, will include Demonic Strata, a work carried out by Dele Adeyemo, Ibiye Camp & Dámaso Randulfe that constitutes a set of spatial proposals exploring the frictions between regimes of extraction and spaces of indetermination, with a particular emphasis on the photographic archive of the Diamang diamond company;

a new work by Florian Hecker, Syn as Text Scene, that explores the sonic universe of machine listening techniques; Worlds With(out) Us, a new virtual reality piece by Calum Bowden; and Collective Monuments, a new work by Peter Burr that will occupy public digital advertising surfaces.


Conferences Program

On the conference program, we highlight the Inside performance-conference by Bruno Latour & Frédérique Aït-Touati, the participation of thinkers such as Federico Campagna, André Barata, Virginia Tassinari, Delfina Fantini van Ditmar or Michael Marder, as well as the podcast series "Co-Existence Systems: Extractivisms, Flows, Alternatives", conceived by Tiago Patatas and Liliana Coutinho.


Education Program

In the Education Program, you can find workshops by Markus Heckmann and Delfina Fantini, or even the workshop for children Circuito goes to Index, with trainer Marta Pombeiro. In parallel, a set of guided tours to the Index exhibitions are available for the public, schools and families.