index is an event dedicated to the relationship between art and technology, which is part of a wider program of the city of Braga as a UNESCO Creative City for Media Arts.

In 2019, we presented the zero edition of 2021 first Media Arts Bienal in the city.

Divided into three programming axes - Conferences, Performance and Exhibition - index welcomed some of the most relevant names in the cross between art and technology. 

Best of 2019

From 23rd to 27th October 2019, Braga received a total of 29 guests, artists and thinkers from five continents who came together to present to a diverse audience the different artistic manifestations where technology has a structuring role.

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Construção de um index

The series "Construção de um index" is a set of moments of connection between index test edition, in 2019, and what will be its first official edition, the Bienal of 2021.

Construção de um index #1, the first session of this cycle, took place at gnration on February 29th.

There, we thought about the relationship between art, science and technology and the role of error in the context of artistic and technological processes, through two round tables.

We inaugurated the installation "The invention of sense", by Marcel Weber, included in the Scale Travels series, and presented the audiovisual performance "Membrane" by the Canadian duo Push 1 Stop & Wiklow.

Round table #1

Art, technology and science: new paths for a long relationship

With Jana Nieder, João Ribas, Marcel Weber and moderated by Fernando José Pereira.

What unites and separates these three concepts? In this panel we will discuss new paths for the long relationship between art, technology and science, proposing a reflection about how artists and scientists can benefit from joint processes, despite being connected to different contexts. The issue will be discussed from the perspective of artists, curators and a scientist.

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Round table #2

Error in the context of creative and technological processes

With Elie Blanchard, Karin Ohlenschläger, Salomé Lamas and moderated by Miguel Carvalhais.

The inaugural edition of index festival was marked by an episode in which a technological error forced a show to be cancelled. This was the starting point of this round table. Disaster or opportunity for improvement? Accident or tool? The issue was discussed from the perspective of artists and curators from different backgrounds.

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