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Index is an Art and Technology Biennale, part of the city of Braga's program as a UNESCO Creative City for Media Arts, and this year it is also integrated into the programme celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution. 
Through Index, we propose to explore artistic practices and critical thinking in which technology takes a central role.

The 2024 edition will take place between May 9th and 19th and will explore the concept of Coexistence

Discover the full program at www.indexmediaarts.com.


In 2024, we delve into the concept of Coexistence, seeking to establish relationships between technology, democracy, and freedom, where the former reveals itself as both nourishment and a constraint of the latter two. Through a comprehensive program, with exhibition, performance, thought and education spin-offs, Index will present a particular perspective on Art and Technology in the Contemporary, placing tecnology at the center.

We look at technology as a disruptive element of the times in which we live, while also considering its potential as an instrument in the service of democracy, freedom, ethics, and respect for the human and the non-human.


Performance Programme

The performance programme opens this year's edition of the Biennale with the presentation of the show ultratronics [live set], by Ryoji Ikeda, one of Japan's greatest contemporary artists; Air Pressure brings the skies of Beirut to Braga, in a performance by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, in which the artist recorded, with archivist precision, more than 400 incursions by Israeli fighter jets and unmanned vehicles into Lebanese airspace; the duo Synspecies presents ASBU, an audiovisual narrative, inscribed in an oblique timeline, which attempts to explain the formation of the universe; ODE - Electronic Devices Orchestra of Circuito

ODE - Electronic Devices Orchestra of Circuito returns to the INDEX stage for the musical performance ODE to INDEX, with visuals created by Berklee College of Music students; dmstfctn join Evita Manji to present Waluigi's Purgatory, a show that immerses the audience in a 3D theatre simulated in real time to tell the story of an Artificial Intelligence entity in purgatory; Kode9 closes the performative axis programme with Escapology, a narrative of the collapse of the United Kingdom and an escape, through space ports in the north of Scotland, to a space habitat in orbit.

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Conferences Programme

The conference programme includes Art as Evidence: When art meets whistleblowing, with the participation of Tatiana Bazzichelli and Joana Moll; Conflict soundscapes, with Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Lendl Barcelos, mediated by Liliana Coutinho; Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, from the SUPERFLEX collective, Ricardo Gomes, from KWY.studio and researcher Inês Pereira Rodrigues meet to talk about Interspecies RelationshipsThe media, democracy, and the city will be the topic of the conversation with Amílcar Correia, Bárbara Seco de Barros, Hugo Nicolau, and Vítor Carvalho, moderated by Liliana Coutinho; Gustavo Cardoso, Nikolas Leontopoulos and Paulo Pena will discuss Technology and the public sphere: what coexistences?

Liliana Coutinho will return to lead the conversation The relationships between the human and the artificial, with Nestor Pestana and Filipa Correia; professors Frédéric Neyrat and Teresa Castro will bring us a conversation on Ecologies of coexistence; Steve Goodman and Manuel Bogalheiro will also join this axis to talk about Sonic time spirals; writer Ellen Lima Wassu brings the theme The forest as ancestral technology: an encounter with indigenous literature; closing the conference axis will be Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou with the talk Planetary Coexistence.


Exhibition Programme

The exhibition programme, allocated to various spaces in the city, includes the following exhibitions and installations: Empire's Island, by Jonas Staal; Archiving Machines, by Alexa Szekeres and Remi Kuforiji; The Future Light Cone, by Kyriaki Goni; 45th Parallel and Rubber Coated Steel, by Lawrence Abu Hamdan; Arquivista IA: Antologia de Franciscos Francos, by Nestor Pestana; My Want of You Partakes of Me, by Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner;

Hevea Act 6: An Elastic Continuum, by Bethan Hughes; Unknown Label, by Nicolas Gourault; Advice Well Taken, by Dasha Ilina; Online Culture Wars and The Persuadables, by the DISNOVATION.ORG collective; Hardly Working, by Total Refusal; Stranger to the trees, by Kat Austen; Supra-memento, by Luísa Tormenta; and Fish Cube, a collaborative work by the SUPERFLEX collective and KWY.studio.


Educational Programme

With a series of activities dedicated to the whole family, the Education Programme presents the masterclass BMA lab: Compositional process in SYNSPECIES, with the presence of composer and artist Elías Merino and artist, programmer, and creative Tadej Droljc; the workshops Circuito goes to INDEX, led by Marta Pombeiro,

and The AI Archivist: workshop with Nestor Pestana, an activity inspired by the exhibition presented by the artist at INDEX 2024; this axis also includes a series of guided visits to the Biennale's exhibitions, mediated by the artist and mediator Joana Patrão.