“ARTECH 2019 – Digital Media Art Ecosystems” is the 9th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts, hosted in the city of Braga, Portugal and organized by the Association Artech-International, Theatro Circo and UCP. 

19 May 2019
19 May 2019

Since the beginning of its operations the ARTECH Initiative has hosted hundreds of digital art installations ranging from pure infotainment applications to more formal works of art exploring different interactive and media technologies: computer vision, virtual and augmented reality, digital sound and music, among others. These facilities have been presented at various art fairs and conferences, as well as in applied art seminars, over the last 15 years.

In 2019, Artech 2019 will be held in Braga, UNESCO City for the Media Arts.


To this end, the organization cordially invite scholars, teachers, researchers, artists, computer professionals, and others who are working within the broadly defined areas of digital arts, culture and education to join us. Authors are invited to submit papers from all areas related to digital art, but also art installations, interactive art or media artworks, for review by the international committee. Both research and applications papers are of relevance to ARTECH 2019.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

- Art and Science Theory; - Art and Technology; - Audio-Visual and Multimedia Design; - Creativity Theory; - Design and Data Visualization; - Digital Storytelling; - Digital Technologies and Making; - e-Learning in Art and Media Studies; - Electronic Music; - Generative and Algorithmic Art & Design; - Gesture Interfaces; - Human-Computer Interaction; - Immersive Art; - Interactive Art; - Interactive Systems for Artistic Applications; - Interaction Design; - Interfaces; - Media Art History; - Web Art and Digital Culture; - Digital Media, Apps and eBooks; - Digital Preservation; - Parametric Design; - Tangible Interfaces; - Technology in Art Education; - Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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