Identity's construction and belonging to a community is an experiential and historically appropriate and appropriable process, within a process of socialization, of daily interaction, and in the real and symbolic exchanges between individuals were feelings of belonging arise from the perception of difference and similarity between us and the other. From history to neuroscience, from the body to the map, from the record to the archive, from the individual to the collective, memory is such a wide polyhedron that it even contemplates forgetfulness. Memory, besides its individualized function, has a social function. But how does one fix this memory and identity in a community?

This is a long-term project that proposes to work with three institutions in the city of Braga. The project will work on this "common territory" of the material and immaterial heritage of shared memory construction and how we can express this "memory" artistically: from photography to sound, from moving images to plastic arts. How this expression of emotions and ideas builds bases for dialogue and understanding that overcome barriers of exclusion, whether economic, social, physical, psychological, or other.

  • 22 Nov. until 18 Dec.