by Lars Lundehave Hansen

In a discreetly lit room, 15 industrial fans blow at different speeds and intervals. Mounted on the bars of each fan are long sheets of aluminum foil that dance in the fans' air, creating a sensory sound that melts and unfolds incessantly in the air gusts. Like a windy autumn day indoors, like the sound of torrential rain or like fallen leaves in a forest. With your eyes closed, the experience is organic. But it is an artificial experience, as the illusion is clear. A simple surround sound composition in which the size of the room is accentuated by the constant changes created by the fans. Small beams of light from lamps create a shadow stream of movements in the ceiling. The sound, the wind and the light create an almost indefinable space for the senses.

    Palácio do Raio @Noite Branca Braga
    Noite Branca Braga
    Free entrance