After launching the #ShareOurHeritage campaign, UNESCO celebrates World Arts Day this wednesday and launches another global movement. It is called ResiliArt and consists of a series of virtual debates and initiatives on social networks.

15 April 2020
15 April 2020

UNESCO wants to think about the artistic production in quarantine times and, for that, professionals and artists get together to debate the impact that COVID–19 had and will have in the cultural sector. The organization wants to support Member States in developing tools that can help the sector to overcome the current crisis.

The first virtual debate takes place today, between 14:00 and 16:00.

Several artists will address a range of topics, from the use of available technologies to the current state of their respective artistic discipline. The occasion also serves to send recommendations to government officials to create financial support measures and also to understand how to recover from this difficult period and increase the resilience of the arts.

If you want to participate in the debate send your questions to