Known in the music industry as Dada Garbeck, Rui Souza joins Circuito to lead the electronic instruments ensemble in the new edition of ODE.

01 Feb. 2024
01 Feb. 2024

The Electronic Devices Orchestra of Circuito – Braga Media Arts Educational Service, whose artistic direction is renewed every year, returns in February under the direction of Rui Souza.

Divided between a degree in philosophy and the world of music, he began his musical career on the pipe organ and piano. His taste for new forms of composition has led him to develop hundreds of pieces for the most varied ensembles in the areas of performing arts and cinema.

As a composer, artistic director and sound designer, he has participated in various artistic productions, crossing paths with names such as Bruno Martins, John Mowat, António Julio, António Durães, Afonso Cruz, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, Amélia Muge, Pedro Bastos, José Mário Branco and many others.

Rui Souza is the founder of the independent label record Discos de Platão and continues his musical career under the alter-ego Dada Garbeck, where he has been working on the tetralogy "The Ever Coming".

Now he's coming to Circuito to guide an informal ensemble of musicians and non-musicians from Braga, in a series of sound exploration sessions to create a final performance for the whole community.



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