It was presented yesterday, July 16, the Preliminary Project developed for the rehabilitation and expansion of the old cinema S. Geraldo in order to get input from civil society for the final resolution to be implemented.

17 July 2018
17 July 2018

There are four proposals for upward budget estimates, presented by the team led by Cláudia Leite, responsible for the Braga Media Arts project, by João Aidos, coordinator of the project, and by the architect Gonçalo Louro. The new space will contribute to put the cultural and creative system of Braga at the service of the development of the city and region. The aim is to provide a multifaceted response that combines the momentum with Media Arts with the needs of other cultural structures in the City. It will be a space where heritage and memory will live side by side with the contemporaneity and modernity of various artistic areas, enhancing the creation of knowledge and value. This will also be a contribution to the urban regeneration of the City.

The first solution presented aims at the rehabilitation of the building, maintaining its entire structure. This proposal includes support areas such as -1 floor for technical and support areas and part of the public place for lighting and work offices. The inclined audience allows a seating capacity of 344 seats, plus 6 of reduced mobility, and the existing balcony allows 192 more seats.

The second proposal creates a flat audience, offering both standing and auditorium shows, through the use of a retractable bench. It allows a seating capacity of 238 seats and 750 seats. The balcony, with a new layout, allows a seating capacity of 184 seats.

The third proposal also includes the flat audience, with the same capacity, and introduces the Media Arts room through the use of the balcony space. This is a compromise solution that implies the loss of capacity due to the supply of balcony places.

As for the fourth solution, the most complete and demanding in financial terms, includes the flat floor and the balcony, with a new layout, maintaining the same capacity as the second proposal. The novelty is that the Media Arts room (an immersive Black Box) is inserted on the roof, which allows it to gain an enhanced space dimension.

This would be a unique room in the Iberian Peninsula which follows the commitment to put Braga at the forefront of the audiovisual areas, enabling the creation of a relationship with multiple artistic areas and contexts and a bridge with the academic and business sector in this field.

The Municipality of Braga will collect contributions until the end of this month. The suggestions can be sent to the following email: