ODE - Electronic Devices Orchestra returns to the Circuito program and is looking for new participants to join artist Rui Souza in the 6th edition of the project.

16 Jan. 2024
16 Jan. 2024

Since its creation in 2019, ODE - Electronic Devices Orchestra has provided musicians and non-musicians in Braga with a place to meet and share sound exploration. From conventional instruments such as guitars, basses, drums or flutes; to ODE-style electronic devices such as computers, iPads or synthesizers, this ensemble is open to everyone, with no age limits or musical knowledge.

After five editions led by artists such as Ece Canlı, Pedro Augusto, Pedro Santos, Lucas Palmeira (Imaginando) and Filipe Lopes, ODE returns for another season with a renewed artistic direction. Leading the 6th edition will be the composer, performer, visual artist and researcher Rui Souza - known as Dada Garbeck and founder of the Discos de Platão record label.

The creation sessions of this edition begins on February 6 (check the remaining timetables here), with the aim of developing a sound and visual show using electronic devices. This year, the informal ensemble will have three public performances, starting in May at INDEX - Biennial of Art and Technology.

Learn more about the new edition, the creation sessions and the new artistic director at www.bragamediaarts.com.



Support: Portuguese Republic - Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts. RTCP - Network of Portuguese Theatres and Cinemas