The Audire project has open applications for the presentation of papers o and artistic works for the "Sound Experiences" Conference. The conference will take place in Braga, June 27-28.

28 Jan. 2022
28 Jan. 2022

Coming from the scientific field of sound studies or the artistic field of sound art, participants are invited to submit proposals on the following topics:

- Art, creativity and culture

- Media, technology and communication

- Memory and archives

- Cities, politics and public space

- Urbanism, architecture and acoustics

- Ecology and activism

- Education, care and community participation

- Sound and identity

- Sound and meaning

- Sound and science

Proposals will be subject to double-blind review and must be submitted by February 20. Participants may submit proposals for papers (to be included in the scientific program) and/or for sound artworks (to be included in the cultural program). Application form and more information here.

Audire is a project that aims to contribute to the development of sound studies and simultaneously propose the creation of innovative ways to preserve sound memory.