The artistic group CADA and the T-Factor project, from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, are promoting an open call for an artistic residency aimed at recent graduates, emerging artists, individual or collective re-emerging artists, residing in Portugal, working in new media. The artistic residency will take place in two phases, in Vila Velha de Rodão and Trafaria. Applications are open until July 20.

11 July 2023
11 July 2023

This residency starts from the premise that thinking in terms of hybrids, 'nature-cultures' and multi-species entanglements offers an opportunity to creatively rework the boundaries of a shared world that, for the sake of the planet, urgently requires new modes of perception and action.

The initiative spans two locations, Vila Velha de Rodão in September and Trafaria in October, which combine to function as a space and a medium to explore the complex and dynamic interactions between humans, technologies and nature; a space for the emergence of new beginnings, open processes and new forms of production. The six selected artists will receive a €500 grant, full board, travel, accommodation, a €150 production budget, and access to equipment (artists are expected to use their computers).

CADA is an artistic group that develops software for exhibitions and the public domain. Formed in Lisbon in 2007 by Sofia Oliveira and Jared Hawkey, their works are intentionally playful, designed to activate personal experiences and question our relationship with technology in everyday life. The group also organizes events and workshops that promote the development of digital cultural practice, and has exhibited its work in Europe and Brazil.

CADA has already received public funding from the Directorate-General for the Arts, Ministry of Culture, Creative Europe Program of the European Union, Foundation for Science and Technology and Lisbon City Council.

Applications for "Animals, artistic residency new media" are open until July 20 and the results will be known on July 27. More information