The multidisciplinary artist from Braga, Miguel De, presents the performance concert "PNRM". The show takes place on October 24th, at 22:30, at Centro da Juventude de Braga.

19 Oct. 2021
19 Oct. 2021

As part of the phased process of creating the album "Panorama", Miguel De presents a project focused on the exploration and investigation of electronic percussion sounds, in which he seeks to think a common time, an abstract and relative concept, in the form of beat time. 
Inserted in this post(?)-covid time, "PNRM" reflects and analyzes the perceptions we have about the time we use, that we spend, that we gain, that we lose, that disappears in our lives.

This performance concert is part of ACTUM, a support program for local artistic creation from Braga City Hall. Admission is free.

You can see Miguel De's portfolio here.