INCM's IN3+ Prize, one of the biggest prizes to support national innovation, research, and development, has a new closing date for the submission of applications: October 31st.

In this edition, the prize is one million euros, distributed up to three selected ideas.

27 Sept. 2020
27 Sept. 2020

All researchers and entrepreneurs who are part of the INCM innovation network, which includes universities, research centers, companies, and startups, can apply.

This prize is a research, development and innovation initiative and platform developed by the Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda to support the generation of new national and international ideas.

Membership in the INCM Innovation Network is free and can be requested online by all public or private entities that wish to collaborate in the development of R&D projects and innovative solutions.

To apply for the IN3+ prize, your idea must fit in at least one of the following areas: information and communication technologies, new security elements or technologies, new digital business and communication models, new products and services, optimization and improvement of production processes.

You can make your application here.