Between January 26 and April 27, gnration (Braga, Portugal) will host a collaborative exhibition of the European Media Art Platform - EMAP, presenting works by five international artists.

05 Feb. 2024
05 Feb. 2024

EMAP is a European platform for the promotion of Media Arts, which has been developing a series of artistic residencies in the various member institutions of the network, allowing for the creation of acclaimed works.

Organized by gnration, "EMAP Perspective #1" is a collective exhibition that brings together some of the works developed by European artists in the EMAP network institutions. The creators of these pieces are Anna Ridler, Joana Moll, Stefan Laxness, Studio Above&Below and uh513, with which they try to challenge the public to take a fresh look at current issues such as society, technology and ecology.

Presented in galeria zero, sala zero and galeria um of gnration, the exhibition includes the following works:

Mosaic virus, by Anna Ridler, is a video installation, spread over three screens, which displays images of tulips as paintings from the Golden Age of the Netherlands. Using Artificial Intelligence, the piece analyzes the price of the cryptocurrency to control the flower's colorful appearance.

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User, by Joana Moll, analyzes the code behind Amazon's business model, questioning and exposing the often unknown abuse and exploitation that one of the largest shopping platforms exerts on its users.

Learning from the commons, by Stefan Laxness, behaves like an ecological atlas that uses images, videos and interviews collected on trips to explore the relationships between villages and their inhabitants.

Meditative Cohabitation, by Studio Above&Below, uses game engines, customized audio sensors and Artificial Intelligence to create a space for communication between species, inviting us to meditate between the sounds of various beings on the planet and a landscape that is formed by various screens.

Beyond Human Perception, by uh513, is a video installation that measures the brain activity of humans and the electrical oscillations that occur in plants, comparing the reactions of both to a common stimulus: live music.

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Support: Portuguese Republic - Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts. RTCP - Network of Portuguese Theatres and Cinemas