The consortium of European cultural institutions of the European Digital Deal project announced the names of the 12 projects selected for the 2024 artist residency programme.

29 Feb. 2024
29 Feb. 2024

Promoted by the European Digital Deal project, in association with a group of partners including Braga Media Arts and gnration, the artistic residency programme focuses on creating spaces for international artists to investigate the relationship between new technologies and democracy. The patners of the EU Digital Deal will now receive the winning artists from the open call, who will take part in one of the program's 12 residencies.

In this 9-month residencies, the selected artists will be hoted in the cities of eleven partners to explore topics like the notion of truth in an information age shaped by algorithms, biases in AI, techno-anxiety, the digital divides arising as a result of digitalisation and new forms of surveillance.

Learn more about the winners and each of the projects at



European Digital Deal

European Digital Deal is a three-year investigation into how the accelerated, but at times unconsidered, adoption of new technologies can alter or undermine democratic processes. For three years (January 2023 - December 2025), the project aims to create a new kind of public forum where cultural institutions, artists, researchers and educators come together to reflect on what an agreement that safeguards democratic values in the digital domain might look like and the role they can play in shaping it.