The Mini Sound Map is the latest activity of Braga Media Arts Education Service, proposed for the 2018/2019 school year. A set of interactive and audiovisual maps that describe schools by their students.

25 Feb. 2019
25 Feb. 2019

TARGET AUDIENCE: 2nd and 3rd School Cycles
AREA: Audiovisual
PERIODICITY: 2018/2019

What is the heritage of our city made of? A city is its people, its buildings, but also its sounds and its expressions. My mini sound map invites several classes to make their own trip through the material and immaterial heritage of Braga - from six representative sites of the school to their students, the adventure is to create an illustration of your own map and the recording of sounds that surround and characterize it. In the end this work will be available online in the form of interactive visual and sound map. So everyone can enjoy how this group of young students sees and hears their city.

See the maps here in the link.


1. EB 2/3 Nogueira - 3 Dec'18
2. EB 2/3 André Soares - Jan. 14
3. EB 2/3 Mosteiro e Cávado - Jan 21
4. EB 2/3 Trigal Santa Maria - 4 Feb. 19
5. EB 2/3 Gualtar - 11 Feb. 19
6. EB 2/3 Lamaçães - 11 Mar'19
7. EB 2/3 Francisco Sanches - April 29'19
8. EB 2/3 Celeirós - 13 May 2019