Douro will reward its creatives! Sign up and show the world your ideas and projects! The Douro Creative Award exalts creative people from the region and the rest of the country, placing confidence in their ideas and companies, knowing that creativity will be key to a successful future.

04 April 2018
04 April 2018

The Douro Creative Prize is born out of the desire to celebrate the Creative Industries, seeking the appreciation of new ideas and concepts and making the community aware of the importance of its contribution to the development of the Douro region.

Identify business ideas within the Creative Industries, highlight projects already executed or in the process of, and rewarding collective entities that incorporate the Creative Industries in their activity are the fundamental pillars of this celebration.

It is intended to encourage the implementation of new projects and companies in the area of Creative Industries that are sustainable, capable of creating new jobs and that have a high regional impact, promoting the Douro as a creative territory and highlighting creative activity as a generator of economic value.

Find out how to compete in and submit your application by April 30th.