The “Minho Storytelling – New Perspectives on Minho” Award, the Minho Innovation Consortium - led by the Intermunicipal Communities of Alto Minho, Ave and Cávado - is now promoting the 2nd Edition of this contest, whose main objectives are to enhance the value of the Minho heritage and promotion creators from different artistic areas (writing short stories, video, media art/sound or interactive art). 

15 Sept. 2021
15 Sept. 2021

This award is aimed at the general public, and it is possible to compete individually or in groups, in the following areas of artistic expression:

Category 1 – Short story – The objective is to write an original text, in the form of a short story, inspired by the Minho region, with a minimum of 5 to 15 pages. The literary quality and creative strength should be the criteria for valuing the works.

Category 2 – Video – The objective is to create one or more videos inspired by the Minho region, with a maximum duration of 10 minutes each, crossing the artistic experience of the competitors with the different realities and imaginaries of the territory.

Category 3 – Media Art/ Sound or Interactive Art – The objective is to carry out an artistic project inspired by the Minho Region, using new technologies. The works must be documented in the form of a video, which must be delivered together with a descriptive document of the work.

Entries in the competition must be submitted on the Minho IN website -  (deadline of November 30, 2021). You can also consult the regulation of this 2nd Edition of the “Minho Storytelling – New perspectives on Minho” Award at

All applications will be evaluated by a selection panel, made up of elements of recognized professional and academic level. Competitors classified in the first three places in each category will be awarded vouchers/gifts to be used in tourist accommodation, catering, and tourist entertainment services and establishments located in Minho, previously determined by the organization of the prize, and will amount to the following amounts:

· 1st place - 3000 euros (three thousand euros) in vouchers/gift; · 2nd place - 1500 euros (one thousand and five hundred euros) in gift vouchers; · 3rd place - 500 euros (five hundred euros) in vouchers/gift;

To discover more about the 1st Edition, and its winners, see the video available here.