gnration is promoting the 2021 Summer Laboratories edition. An initiative that offers financial and logistical support for the creation of artistic content. Applications are open until 16 May.

01 April 2021
01 April 2021

During a period of two weeks, interested parties should develop an original work in the form of artistic residency at gnration so that later it can be presented in a performative or installation / exhibition format.

To apply, just send a description of the artistic proposal, associated technical and production requirements, biography and portfolio of the authors, your ID, document proving residency in the district of Braga and declaration of commitment to develop the project at gnration facilities, during one of the competing periods of work. These requirements must be sent to the email

Open call ends on may 16th and the winners are announced on may 23th.

The Summer Laboratories program is an initiative promoted by Fundação Bracara Augusta with the support of the Braga city council.