Between July 1 and 5, Braga will host the XVI UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Conference, an event that will bring around 350 delegations from more than 100 countries to the city.

27 June 2024
27 June 2024

With a resolute focus on ’20 years of UCCN: bringing youth to the table for the next decade’, the Conference underscores the critical imperative to harness the power of creativity and culture in building resilient and inclusive cities around the world. It stresses the importance of involving young minds in shaping this future. 

At the 2024 UCCN Annual Conference hosted by Braga, the goal is to spotlight how creativity in cities empowers lively and sustainable urban life, influences future cities for next generations, and fosters the expression of cultural diversity. It strives to enable substantive dialogue concerning the diverse factors that shape cultural governance, bolster investment initiatives, and cultivate diverse cross-sectoral collaborations and innovation. Additionally, it draws attention to the importance of creative solutions and culture-oriented practices in propelling the state of sustainable development. Furthermore, it sheds a light on the role of culture in today’s society within the city’s context, emphasising its global recognition as a public good. 

UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Conferences are a unique occasion to strengthen the ties between member cities from around the world. Hosted by a different city every year, it serves as a platform to define the strategic objectives of an expanded and well-balanced Network.


Learn more about the Conference and the activities programme at UCCN Braga 2024.