On December 7th, the Municipality of Braga presented the development of a Cultural Strategy, called 'Braga Cultura 2030', for the 2020-2030 time horizon.

17 Dec. 2018
17 Dec. 2018

What challenges does our city face in the next decade? What are the economic, social and cultural priorities in one of the youngest cities in Europe? What is the role of our museums, galleries and theaters in the near future?

Braga is changing every day and its community is changing with it. "New citizens" from different latitudes, a growing tourism and a new artistic community linked to the media arts, are enough reasons for the development of a new Cultural Strategy, denominated 'Braga Culture 2030' - presented on December 7, with a view to a future candidacy of Braga to the European Capital of Culture (CEC) 2027.

A platform designed for the 2020-2030 time horizon and imagined to rethink our public space and to include all the people in this open reflection. This ensures that the City is building a solid strategy and that the CEC will be more than an event marked in time, but an integral part of the path that the Municipality undertakes to go through.

According to Ricardo Rio, the mayor of Braga, it is essential not only to think about the challenges it faces, but also to look at the past to understand the cultural legacy of the City and to understand the present moment.

"We want to think about cultural strategy in a broader perspective, not only guided by a moment of celebration but reflecting the current and future needs of the Cit, its agents and respond to the challenges and ambitions of a City that wants to make Culture one of the its pillars of development, providing a guide for the next 10 years", he referred, noting that the design of this strategy will be completed by 2019 and that the first pilot actions should be in place by the end of next year.

Learn more about the project here: https://www.bragacultura2030.pt/