On January 18 (schools), 19 and 20 (general public), Circuito - Braga Media Arts Educational Service presents the show BERTIE, a networked virtual reality experience, presented simultaneously at Rivoli (Porto), Campo Alegre (Porto) and gnration (Braga).

12 Jan. 2024
12 Jan. 2024

Exploring themes such as legacy, pollution or waste, BERTIE invites us to immerse in a networked virtual reality show, where three player-performers navigate a techno-melancholic territory simultaneously to achieve a common goal.

With a character allocated to each stage, the three spaces - Rivoli, Campo Alegre and gnration - share the same narrative, challenging the conventional format of presenting shows. While the audience watches (following a different character depending on where they watch), the player-performers explore in a virtual environment where the excess of digital junk dominates the scene.

The show will be performed in English, with Portuguese subtitles, and is aimed at people over 16. Tickets are on sale online at https://circuitobma.bol.pt/, at the gnration counter and at the usual venues.


Opening times:

Open rehearsal for schools

Jan 18th at 2:30 p.m

General public

19 Jan at 9:30 p.m

20 Jan at 6:00 p.m



Support: Portuguese Republic - Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts. RTCP - Network of Portuguese Theatres and Cinemas