Artificial Intelligence (AI) is believed to be a key driver of the 4th industrial revolution that will transform the economy and reinvent the nature of our work. We will increasingly be supported by and interact with technology that is powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence. This requires an education that prepares us for this future. FAIaS aims to improve the skills
needed to understand, build or interact with Artificial Intelligence. Thus, we consider AI, not in the narrow, purely technological sense, but in the broad sense, as it impacts many different parts of our lives. Therefore, we decisively opt for an interdisciplinary and inclusive approach that focuses not only on STEM activities, but involves all school subjects and covers a wide range of aspects, including ethical, philosophical
economic, legal, and historical aspects. We believe that approaching a subject from different perspectives deepens understanding, and creates cohesion among students in an inherently interdisciplinary field such as Artificial Intelligence.

    Circuito - Serviço Educativo Braga Media Arts
      Circuito - Serviço Educativo Braga Media Arts

      Recipients: Teachers of 3rd cycle and secondary education from all areas of teaching

      Partners: Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain), CollectiveUp (Belgium), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)

      Project funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union