The work created by Mike Stubbs (York, UK) and Daniel Escobar (Calí, Colombia) uses the water element as a started point to indicate an exchange process. Water is that first natural element that has the possibility of reflecting our cities and their inhabitants, and our shared responsibility to take care of it. The two artists begin with a process of collecting materials: water and sediments from the rivers that cross and reflect their cities, to reach an exchange of images, sounds, and then a dialogue with the techniques of digital art creation, such as the projection of video mapping, the analysis and transformation of images by visual algorithms, and the creation of an interactive installation. The objective is to create a documentary piece that accounts for this creative exchange.

Artists' instructions

Watch on screens larger than 14” and Full HD resolution. Wear headphones.  

Artists' Bio

Daniel Escobar — Calí (Colombia)

Colombian artist born in Calí, interested in combining traditional artistic media with electronic and digital media, and in creating interactive installations. Daniel studied at the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad del Valle in Calí, Colombia, and did a postgraduate degree in Electronic Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently working as a teacher in Universidad del Cauca, in courses related to artistic creation based on technology and digital media. His work has been exhibited at events such as the International Image Festival in Manizales, the Fase - Meeting of Art, Science and Technology in Buenos Aires, the Voltaje Hall of Art and Technology in Bogotá, and in different museums and events in Colombia.


Mike Stubbs — York (UK)

Prof. Mike Stubbs, Creative Director, Doncaster Creates, former CEO FACT, Liverpool, work encompasses film, video, installation and performance, shown in major venues such as TATE, London and EAF, Adelaide. Commissions in production for Bedford Creative Arts & Folkestone Triennale. Interests: ecology & technology, stem from the exhibition, Strata for York Art Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama. Awarded a Fleck Fellowship in 2004 from the Banff Art Centre, encompassing a range of arts and media practice his arts management, curating, mentorship and advocacy have been internationally acknowledged.