2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the Fanzine project, and for this, the organization has taken a step forward, creating a multidisciplinary experience for a wider audience. An application is now open, in partnership with Braga Media Arts, to host independent projects in the field of media arts.

19 June 2018
19 June 2018

Since its birth in 2008, the Fanzine of La Coruña has gradually grown to become a local and national reference within the Spanish cultural scene linked to electronic music. Music is a universal language and a great cultural heritage, in this respect Fanzine continues to work to bring this culture to the whole world, developing its activity in promoting and supporting this heritage and giving universal access to music.

From Fanzine Club, more oriented towards the purest electronic dance, to the annual Fanzine Fest event, right up to Fanzine Records, the recording platform focused on house and techno sounds, Fanzine's activities have a great geographical component, showing to the whole world that Galicia exists and that in Coruña there is a cultural scene very rich in activities of all kinds.

During the three editions over 1000 people and about twenty artists have passed through Fanzine Fest. 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the project and for that, the organization is designing a multidisciplinary experience to engage a new audience, with culturally attractive activities and rich in various orientations and sensibilities. Thematic workshops, live showcases, lectures, presentations of bands and DJs, and other activities that aim to bring the musical and visual culture that surrounds the cutting-edge electronic scene, closer to the general public.

Therefore, Fanzine Fest invites the presentation of projects in the area of media arts, in the form of facilities, electronic live acts, audiovideo shows, etc. In partnership with Braga Media Arts, the best applications in this open competition will qualify for inclusion in the Galician festival on 8 December, giving the chosen ones the chance to see their work exposed in an international showroom. Do not hide from this opportunity and send your proposal to: projetos@bragamediaarts.com