LIMBO is a one-shot journey through landscape perceptions in a digital and abstract space. Fluctuations between micro and macro perspectives relate to human relationships with nature and the planet. Transitions in our environment are slow to our perception but steady and hard to reverse. By using extreme slowness we not only wanted to refer to this fact but also put contrast to the fast-moving ads and imperatives we are surrounded by in our everyday (media) life. Designed as a large-scale installation, the dimensions of the projections alongside with explorations of binaural beatings and specific frequency spectrums come together as a physical experience.

Artists' instructions

1. SOUND: Good headphones or monitor speakers are mandatory for getting the best experience possible and the full sound spectrum.
2. VIDEO: Stream it in the best quality in full-screen-mode, on a (big) screen, or even a projector.

Artists' Bio

João Carlos Pinto — Braga (Portugal)

Studied Piano and Composition at Braga Gulbenkian Conservatory and did his bachelor in Composition at Lisbon Superior Music School. Has presented his work in South Korea, USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and all over Portugal. Has received commissions from: Gaudeamus, RTP / Antena 2, Casa da Música, Centro Cultural de Belém, Ensemble neoN / ars ad hoc and Arte no Tempo. 2019 Young Associated Composer of Estúdios Victor Córdon (w/ São Carlos National Theater + National Ballet Company). IRCAM / Centre Pompidou ManiFeste Academy 2019 – worked with Raphaël Cendo and Ensemble NIKEL. 2019 Opera Creation residency at LOD Muziektheater (ENOA project). He is a performer in projects like Peter Evans’ Som Crescente, CACO.MEAL and Omniae Ensemble.


Sarah Degenhardt — Karlsruhe (Germany)

Sarah Degenhardt (*1992 – Memmingen, DE) studied Fine Arts at AdBK Karlsruhe (DE), and received Erasmus+ and OFAJ scholarships to study at ENSAM La Réunion (FRA) and ENSBA Paris (FRA). She finished her studies in 2019 with Diploma degree and was announced Meisterschu╠łlerin of Prof. Leni Hoffmann. Experiences of landscape, nature and their influence on humans and their habitus are the breeding ground and initial moment of her works. In the course of the working process she transforms them into densely reduced images which find their translation in audiovisual multi-channel installations, paper works and sculptures. She was represented in exhibitions and festivals internationally, among them all around Germany, France and Iceland.