João Martinho Moura's show in collaboration with the University of Minho, which combines tradition and ethnography with media arts. It will be a videomapping of an hour, joining tradition, ethnography, traditional dance, costumes, folklore with video and digital arts.

It will take place on the first day of St. John festivities in Braga, and is called "Braga is Tradition", celebrating the 25th anniversary of the GFUM (Folk Group of the University of Minho).

João Martinho Moura / University of Minho
Largo do Paço - Rectory of the University of Minho


This Videomapping, besides addressing the tradition and interaction with the Folk Group of the University of Minho, will also make an allusion to the history of Largo do Paço, and will contain imagery with a strong connection to the history of the building, heritage of Braga .


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